Just imagine you had the chance to take your financial future into your own hands.
Investing in Shares 101

Investing in Shares 101:

A must read for new investors that delivers an authentic voice from a credible industry expert on how to get started.

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The Horizon Institute - The start of your independence
Using our strategies, software and education our trading team will help you embark on a new and exciting career in trading the financial markets. We will equip you with the same tools and guidance that is given to graduate traders joining top investment banks such as Morgan Stanley, Merril Lynch, and HSBC. By taking this approach, we enable you to make informed decisions – thus making you independent and in control of your financial future.


Education lasts a lifetime, and making an investment now ensures you will make good financial decisions for many years to come.

Career Change

We provide extensive support to students who want to become employed in the industry.

We accept Welsh Government ReAct Funding for eligible students.


Because of the attractive purchase price, and high value content, our courses can provide an excellent alternative to specialist post-graduate courses which can cost over £12,000 per year.

We Believe that Financial Education for Everyone should be the Law.

This is why we have given


Courses for free, to those who need them most.

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