Cardiff Trading Workshop

Cardiff Trading Workshop

Tickets from £49


Designed to support potential and new traders, this in-depth workshop will help you create and develop a robust trading plan that will grow your investment.

Key areas covered in this one-day workshop include:

  • Introduction to trading & financial markets
  • How to produce a trading plan
  • Investment tools & information collection
  • How to make your first trade
  • How to get a job at an investment bank / hedge fund

You will come away with an individualised trading plan to suit your own investing requirements, and a course booklet that covers how to make your first trade. You will also receive a free copy of all the investment tools used and demonstrated on the day. There is also an opportunity to network with like-minded people and discuss your investment goals in a supportive environment. This workshop includes complimentary tea and coffee.

Who should attend:

Potential traders who want to learn how to make their first trade Potential and new traders who are looking for support to develop a robust, investment-ready trading plan. We primarily cover UK stocks and shares, and the Forex markets. These are great markets for beginners and we provide specialist workshops on other financial instruments. For more information, contact our team on 07864 858 120 These workshops run every month, click here to view our available dates. #finance #trading #stocks and shares #investing #forex

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