Financial Education: National Teacher Training

Financial Education: National Teacher Training

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We believe that every child should know how to manage money, which is why we offer bespoke financial literacy education to teachers across the UK.

The current UK government has highlighted the growing inadequacies of financial education taught to children today. Undertrained and overworked teachers are currently expected to teach financial literacy to our children often without any formal financial training, a familiar story across UK.

The Horizon Revolution

We take the best financial experts, from hedge fund managers to economists to create compelling and up to date content that provides country-leading excellence in the field of financial education.

This content is then revised by our in-house team of educators, who work with our partners to curate the complete financial education curriculum that we deliver to teachers across the UK.

It is then delivered nationwide by our in-house team, and the itinerary* is as follows:

9.00am A chance to meet other teachers and the finance lecturer.
9:15am Years 1 - 6
12.00am Lunch
1.00pm Years 7 - 11
4.00pm We hand out the relevant pack for you to take home. Included contents listed below.

Workshops are held nation-wide in Swansea, Cardiff, London and across the UK.

* Itinerary is subject to change

Available in Swansea, Cardiff & London